FioTec: BSL3+ and BSL4 Laboratories general contractor

FioTec has successfully built a BSL3 enhanced (BSL3+ bio safety level 3 or PC-3) laboratory for the department of life stock development, Thailand. Some photos below show the BSL3 foot and mouth disease laboratory built in Nakhon Ratchasima, RRL (regional reference laboratory south east Asian region), Thailand. FioTec cooperated closely together with OIE (Office International Des Epizooties) and IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) as well as AAHL (Australian Animal Health Laboratory) to assure international standards of the laboratory.

NEWS: See some photos of the opening ceremony on 11 Oct 2004: Opening ceremony regional reference laboratory Pak Chong Thailand

Regional reference laboratory - Pak Chong, Thailand

Foot and mouth disease reference laboratory in Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. Outside view. Basement: Waste water treatment facilities, 1st floor: Airtight laboratory rooms with shower air locks and all necessary facilities, 2nd floor: Plant room with air handling units, heat exchangers, filters and controller, 3rd floor: chiller system with chiller and chiller pumps.

Butterfly valves & HEPA filter canister
Butterfly valves & HEPA filter canister
Air tight welded and tested duct work pass actuated butterfly valves. The exhaust air passes special bio safety HEPA filter canisters, where the exhaust air is cleaned.

Airtight false ceiling with access hatch and diffusors
A rigid built, powder coated false ceiling made out of 2.5mm steel guarantees long term stability for air tightness and flexibility for future upgrades. With this system it is possible to safely penetrate with supply and return air through air hoods welded airtight to the ceiling plates.

Shower air lock door
Shower air lock doors are equipped with electro magnetic locks and access control. This way it is impossible to access both sides at the same time and guarantees a secured "shower out" of the lab personell. All the parameters of the laboratory can be adjusted by the operator through an easy to operate LCD panel.