Our new series FioTec "VAC-2003" Lymph drainage system, this pictures show again the first zero-series shipped to Europe. (CE)

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Vac 2003, Vacuum treatment

The vacuum massage device "Vac 2003" involves the physiological and technical principle for low pressure or vacuum. It is an extremely efficient method of integral cosmetic treatment.

Treatment with the Vac 2003 offers you relaxation, regeneration, removal of fat deposits and cellulite, allowing the skin to breathe again. The fat metabolism is stimulated with various preparations (cremes, serums etc.) which complement each other.

Home treatment

The Fat Burner (stimulating the metabolism) and then the Firming Serum (firming) should ideally be applied after showering as a daily home treatment. Finally massage in the Contour-Creme (to correct cellulite and striae) over the whole body with a gentle massage.

You will find detailed information from our separate body care brochure, obtainable from authorized professional salons or FioTec.

What is the effect of "the vacuum massage" ?

Don't worry, it doesn't hurt and isn't unpleasant. Quite the reverse! The suction pump massage glides along the lymph channels with a gentle stroking massage. The treatment therefore has a double effect, activating the lymph flow and carrying away products of metabolism (residue). Combustion is increased in the fat cells, warming and reddening the skin and breaking down fat deposits (fat layers). Intracellular metabolism is increased, leading to a sustained strengthening of the connective tissue.

The Vac 2003 can be used in the following areas:

What you can expect at the professional salon

Depending on requirements the treatment last 15 - 60 minutes.
First of all lymph drainage is carried out using Vac 2003. This is very pleasant and has a relaxing and decongestive effect. A Contour-Creme is used together with a firming serum to support the lymph activity and at the same time to rectify any pregnancy stretch marks.

The problem areas are then treated with a somewhat stronger dose of the vacuum. This phase of intensive and targeted regeneration can, with additional use of a fat burner creme and a cinnamon creme, produce the desired result even more rapidly.

A visible improvement of the treated tissue is clearly apparent after only a few treatments. The aftereffects can still be felt convincingly several hours after each treatment!

Visit our Swiss General Importer's web page here (KRAMER COSMETICS)

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